Slow down your perception of time through mindfulness as you focus in on things you weren't aware at first. Through varies mental and physical exercises such as meditation and breathing combined together can really be a powerful tool in controlling your perception of time.



This method can help in the same sense as mindfulness, which is focus but also practicing reflection. You think quicker in your mind than you can write. If you can write a list of things it will prolong time. Dig deep into those buried thoughts and write them down!



Sound can create this ambient atmospheric scene which can also help slow down time depending on the tempo and rhythm. The world moves on car engines, people chatting, etc. and when you replace or remove yourself from that environment and immerse yourself in sound you can almost freeze the fast reality we live in.

3 Methods

At our event we put emphasis on three main methods which are mindfulness, writing, and sound. We try to incorporate the five senses as well. Below you will find a brief description on the topics we focus on to help you achieve "slo time". We encourage you to attend our events to fully immerse in the experience because practice is key!